I became a teenager,,,, blimey! I did stuff that I probably shouln’t have. I had three brothers, two older and one younger, a hippy, a skinhead (with hair) and a showaddywaddy fan. What chance did I have. Nearly got expelled three times for girl related stuff (just experimenting) and general naughty boy things. In those days it was possible to be just plain naughty. kept on drawing, art at school was a bit crap.


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  • 9 April 2006

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1. On 8 Apr 2006, Your Younger Brother wrote:

I think you are mistaken. You were in flaired jeans until at least 1977. This makes you around 17-18 and me listening to Darts.

2. On 9 Apr 2006, gordon dickinson wrote:

Thank you for pointing out these trivial detals Trevor.
You always were a smart arse.

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