Abbotswood primary school


Abbotswood primary school

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  • 29 January 2006

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1. On 13 Feb 2006, emma amini wrote:

impressive range of sculpture
so much better and less pretentious
than the usual contemporary work

2. On 18 Oct 2006, wrote:

I see this every day and it still amazes me - the amount of children who just go up to the sculpture and touch or stroke it. adults comment on it’s pure beauty and how it is becoming even more spellbinding by the natural ageing process, the rich colours that are appearing. It’s FAB

3. On 3 Feb 2007, chipping sodbury student(year 7) wrote:

hi who ever is reaing this i just have to say lovly sculpture.and i am glad i left that school it is so rubbish!
from me.

4. On 13 Feb 2007, hannah k wrote:

tis is so crappy

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