I think i have found a great venue to launch this exhibition. The Walcot Street Mortuary Chapel in Bath. I am planning it for August 2010 I have also been offered a couple of other galleries, and welcome any more suggestions/offers of more venues. i have purchased 50 human souls from ebay. ebay have since stopped the buying and selling of souls on ebay. so no one can plaglarize my idea. my proposal involves sculpture, painting and video. it will question: religion morality greed social attitude art and many more subjects i havn’t thought of yet. the last guy to sell his soul came from newcastle, he was an artist, he got £11 something for it. he attracted T.V and press attention in the US and here. he only had the 1 soul …… i have 50 ….. with receipts. please contact me if you would like to know more or you want to discuss a venue. thanks gordon

Display how many artworks?
In what order?

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